Santa Fe

Santa Fe has a defined production structure that allows it to annually generate approximately 8% of the gross product (GDP) of Argentina and 20% of its exports.

The province of Santa Fe has a strategic geoeconomic location within the most important productive corridor in Argentina.
The port, air, rail and land infrastructure, interconnected to bioceanic corridors, positions Santa Fe as an epicenter of economic activity.

With more than 700 kilometers of coastline on the Paraná River in optimal conditions of navigability, oceanic draft, multipurpose terminals suitable for multimodal transport, and in a strategic position for international trade, Santa Fe exhibits excellent conditions for port activity.

The geographic proximity to the main markets of agricultural and industrial inputs, professional services and mass consumption of the country, position the province with differentiating elements for the establishment of industrial activity and operations centers.

The availability of skilled labor and the institutional and educational framework of assistance to the productive sector are some of the encouraging factors for attracting investments.

Economy information

The 2017 budget of the Public Administration contemplates Capital Expenditures for 28.359 million pesos, representing an interannual increase of 144%, reaching an incidence of 18.3% on Total Provincial Expenditure. The planned constructions amount to 19.801 million pesos, growing 224% compared to 2016. The projection of economic activity for 2017-2019 is + 3.5% annually, while the budgetary result foreseen for 2017 shows a surplus of 490 million pesos. Also the government is planning the creation of an Anticyclic Fund of 250 million pesos.

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